What Cake Supplies Do You Need to Make Drip Cake?

Drip cakes have been popular for quite some time now. They are relatively easy to make, though they can be bit time consuming, when you’re deciding to colour your drip with metallic colours. So, what are the cake supplies, you might need to make one of these fabulous drip cakes.

Ready Made Cake

We’re not going to discuss how to make a plain cake that is ready for decorating. Basically, you would need a cake that has been covered either with fondant or buttercream, or really any other kind of icing you like. The colour of the cake can be whatever you like, to match the theme of your party.

Chocolate Drip

Pretty obvious that you would need a chocolate drip, to make a drip cake. Although there are some other options as well, that we’re going to discuss later. You can buy ready-made chocolate drip from a cake supplies store. They do come in all sorts of different colours, and are an easy option, when making ganache isn’t your strongest side. Obviously, you can also make your own chocolate drip, if you’re up for it. It’s as simple as mixing some hot cream with chocolate, let it melt and mix it all together.

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Spoon or a drip bottle

Depends on what you find easier, you would need either a squeeze drip bottle or a simple spoon, to cover the cake with the chocolate drip. The ready-made chocolate drip comes already in the squeeze bottle, so that is all organised for you. When you’re making your own ganache, you might want to use just a spoon, to save money. It will work just as fine as the bottle will.

Metallic food colours

Ever seen those fancy gold and silver chocolate drip cakes, and wondered why you haven’t seen gold or silver chocolate drip available, and how the cakes are made? Well the secret is simple; you will have to hand paint your chocolate drip to get the amazing metallic look. Since you can’t mix lustre dusts into the chocolate (they would just disappear and wouldn’t give you the effect you’re after), you will have to be painted on top of the ganache. Luckily all the cake supply stores will sell large range of different metallic food colours that you can use for this purpose. You do have an option to buy ready made metallic paints. Or you can also use metallic lustre dusts. If you choose to use lustre dusts, you would have to make your own edible metallic paint. You can do that, by simply mixing the rose spirit (or really any kind of strong clear alcohol) with the lustre dusts. Make sure that the consistency is rather thick and paint like, and not too runny, or you will have to go over the drip multiple times.


If you do decide to paint the drip, you would also need couple of different food safe brushes. You do want to have nice fine ones, for the actual drips, to make sure, you won’t paint the cake as well. Larger brushes are good for the larger areas, like the edge and the top of the cake.


Drip cakes by themselves can be pretty boring. Different kind of decorations will make them look extra special. Most of our cake supplies contain some of the possible decorating options already. Edible sprinkles are always a good choice, and most of us, have at least some of them in our pantry. You can also use some fresh flowers, or edible images, to glam up the drip cake bit more.

So now when you know what are some of the essential cake supplies you will need, what stops you from making your own awesome looking chocolate drip cake?